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Enterprise fun games - Conghua outdoor development

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Introduction of Conghua outdoor development enterprise fun games

Enterprise fun games - Conghua outdoor development

Conghua outdoor development Of Fun games Also known as mass sports, mass games. It takes into account the interesting team, that is, competitive, entertainment, fitness and other comprehensive integration of new interesting sports. It is a kind of activity and sport that the masses spontaneously gather their wisdom.

 Conghua outdoor development

The charm of the fun games lies in project innovation, which is refreshing, novel and fun. The members have strong participation, low participation threshold, active atmosphere and strong controllability. There are many types of activities, unlike the traditional projects in the past. Interesting sports are updated every day and created every day, which can make the interest fully continue, so as to achieve the purpose of physical exercise and unity and cooperation. The purpose of the fun games is to enhance the cohesion of various departments and show the vigorous vigor and competitive enthusiasm of young people in the new era. Carry forward the Olympic spirit and increase team cohesion. In this dynamic and bright era, only when there are challenges can we have wealth.

2. Project content: Plan according to the actual needs of the development group.

3. Duration: According to the actual demand.

4. Project advantages (security, participation, what can be obtained, etc.).

(1) Participation threshold is low, suitable for all ages. Fun sports meeting is an extension of the sports meeting, is suitable for any crowd to participate in a healthy exercise.

(2) Both interesting and team oriented. It is a new interesting activity integrating competition and fitness.

(3) Safe and happy. In the game activities to stimulate the spirit of teamwork and dare to fight. Let employees enjoy happiness in the game and gain something in the joy.

(4) High participation and strong interaction.

five Activity effect:

adopt Conghua outdoor development

(1) Improve staff efficiency and create more value for the enterprise.

(2) Establish the foundation of enterprise development and provide help for enterprises to face challenges.

(2) Establish enterprise language, improve communication forms, focus on the realization of objectives, and improve communication efficiency.

(4) To stimulate the potential of employees, improve the quality of employees, gather team strength, and realize the enterprise ideal.