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Conghua - development of youth's outdoor quality

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Introduction of youth quality development project

Youth quality development - Conghua outdoor development

Youth quality development It is a kind of education mode aiming at improving the quality of the educated. It attaches importance to people's ideological and moral quality, ability training, personality development, physical health and mental health education. Quality education and examination oriented education correspond to each other, but they are not absolutely opposite concepts, because they are not antonyms in the word meaning.  

one Project content: According to customer demand

two Activity duration: According to the actual needs

three Project advantages (mobilizing participation, enhancing interaction and education)

(1) The cultivation of creative ability

The essence of ability is creativity. Creation is the premise of social development. Creativity is the basis of the development of productive forces and social civilization. The cultivation of creative ability should run through early childhood education and compulsory education, and cultivate the ability of innovative thinking and innovative thinking since childhood. China's "exam oriented education" has seriously restricted the cultivation and development of a generation's creative ability and affected the development speed of China's science and technology.

(2) The cultivation of self-study ability

In today's society, the rapid development of science and technology, knowledge explosion. In the middle school stage, we can only select the basic knowledge to teach students. The ability of self-study is the guarantee for students to acquire new knowledge and use it on the basis of their existing knowledge level and skills.

(3) Social morality education

Social morality is the code of conduct and norms that human society should follow. In the process of growth and development, everyone must learn to abide by social morality, complete psychological and spiritual evolution and maturity, and be liberated from the confinement of animal nature of survival, selfishness and barbarism. It can be summarized as five aspects: respect for the aged and love for the aged. This is the basic morality of human beings, protecting the environment and paying attention to hygiene. This is the morality for the survival of mankind at present and for the survival of future generations. This is the basic contribution to the material and spiritual civilization of the society. This is a high-level contribution to the material and spiritual civilization of the society. This is a contribution to social stability and sustainable development.

(4) World outlook education

The fundamental view of the world is people's view of the world. Scientific world outlook must be gradually formed in the process of learning natural knowledge and social knowledge.

(5) Education Outlook:

It's about people's outlook on life. It mainly includes: life purpose, life attitude and life value. It is a scientific outlook on life that we should take the world as our duty, proceed from the survival and sustainable development of all mankind, and constantly develop the productive forces in order to achieve the goal of material, spiritual and political civilization of all mankind.

(6) Labor concept education

People should constantly develop social productivity, improve the quality of life and survival, and work for the sustainable development of human beings. People must become social productivity, labor force, and create wealth.

(7) Lifelong learning education

twenty-one The century is a new century of scientific and technological revolution and an era of knowledge explosion. It is impossible for everyone to learn all the knowledge needed for entering the society in the future. With the development of society, everyone must learn, enrich and perfect according to the needs in production practice. Therefore, everyone must also attach importance to the cultivation of their ability of continuous learning and good at learning. Modern people must study all their lives.

(8) The cultivation of aesthetic concept and ability

To strengthen the aesthetic education of subjects in middle school teaching can cultivate and develop students' aesthetic feeling and make them form their hobbies for various subjects. It is to inspire their learning motivation, promote the development of creative thinking, and further improve the quality of teaching.

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