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Youth Winter and summer camp - Guangzhou Youth outdoor development

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Introduction of youth outdoor development project

Youth outdoor development project

teenagers Outdoor development Can exercise the will, strengthen the physique. Winter and summer camp activities are a collective organization, whose life and activities are arranged in a unified way, and every camper must obey unconditionally. This is undoubtedly a challenge and exercise for those children who are spoiled and lazy at home for a long time. This requires them to overcome their bad habits and enhance their adaptability. For example, in 1992, the activities of the Sino Japanese Friendship summer camp crossed the Hulunbeir prairie, requiring children to work hard for physical strength, perseverance and intelligence That summer camp activity gave Chinese children a serious warning - to strengthen exercise, enhance physical fitness, intelligence and survival ability.

 Guangzhou Youth outdoor development

adopt Youth outdoor development Let the teenagers enjoy themselves and broaden their horizons. Generally, summer camp activities are selected from the seaside or mountain areas far away from the students' home. It's really eye opening and open-minded for students who seldom go out. They are full of curiosity about nature and other places. They enjoy themselves, such as riding the waves, swimming, climbing rocks, or picking flowers In the close collision with nature, cultivate sentiment, inspire wisdom, capture inspiration, open thinking, stimulate imagination

adopt Youth outdoor development It can strengthen the cooperation of youth groups and enhance friendship. Summer Camp Camp Camp members are from all over the world, each person's personality, ability, habits and so on are different, in order to achieve tacit understanding in a very short period of time to form a harmonious, requires each camper to understand each other and humility. At the same time, we should also strengthen coordination and cooperation in the common life and activities, which can cultivate students' cooperation ability and enhance their unity and friendship. Some children become intimate friends from strangers to acquaintances

1. Project content: Plan according to the actual situation

2. Duration: According to actual needs

3. Project advantages (safety, participation, what can be obtained, etc.)
The concept of peer education is to promote their growth through rich learning experience in summer camp activities, which is the concept of peer education. In many inspirational summer camps, the concept of peer education was put forward. After visiting famous universities, they were inspired to fight their wits and make continuous efforts to move forward

4. Activity effect:

adopt Outdoor youth development Winter and summer camp activities are an effective way to implement quality education. It is an important channel to improve the moral education of minors. We feel that students want to try a new life experience through a life different from school and family. Especially in the process of training together in the summer camp, every child can actively participate in it and get a lot of fun and help, which is not available in books and classes. The summer camp that can not be felt improves the students' ability of self-care and self-reliance. In summer camp activities, the children take care of themselves without parents' participation, which is the first time for the pampered "little emperor" and "little princess" to take care of themselves all day long. Therefore, the self-care ability of students participating in the summer camp has been generally improved, which is also very beneficial to their growth.

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