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Outdoor healthy running activities

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Introduction of Guangzhou Outdoor outward bound training project

Healthy running

Course description

Running is one of the ancient sports. Healthy running is healthier. In ancient times, only by running fast and long can we get more prey and protect ourselves. Running belongs to aerobic exercise, which can improve cardiopulmonary function, vascular function, improve metabolism, improve body sensitivity and balance ability, regulate body fat and cultivate strong and patient quality. With the development of national fitness campaign, more and more people join the ranks of running. Running exercise, health is to run out and insist on running. Running is far more meaningful to life than running. Running has a strong encouraging effect on life. Long term persistence can not only exercise one's physical constitution, but also hone one's will and stimulate one's fighting spirit.

Some people say that whether it is for the purpose of improving performance or reducing injury, you can only think about moving forward in running, neither left nor right, nor up and down, but always think about moving forward, many in life Things and people will also rub shoulders with us because we are wandering around and uneasy up and down. Missing is forever. Or, because we dissipate our mind for no reason, we have no mental power to achieve our goals. In terms of energy conversion, running is also full of philosophical flavor. Although it seems to be consumed in physical level, it becomes another way to refuel and charge the body because of the emptiness of mind in the spiritual level.