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Guangzhou Outdoor Training bubble football

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Introduction of Conghua outdoor development

Guangzhou outward bound training Bubble football

[Course Description]

Bubble football Originated in Europe, it is a kind of football game in which players are wrapped in transparent plastic space balls. Sit in front of the TV to watch the goal collection? Watch the computer keyboard to be the "master of the ball"? Pro, you are out, not afraid of the skill is not skilled enough, not afraid of the equipment is not professional enough, here you are the C romesi on the bubble field, the goal god horse is floating clouds, the sprouting tumbling collision is the king way, roll with kappa, because playing bubble football is not only to score goals, but also to knock you over I love you. Everyone on the court will be bumped around, this is definitely a game without "diving".

Bubble football, also known as bubble football, is a new trend sport in Europe. Before the start, the player's upper body is wrapped in a transparent plastic space ball, and only his legs are exposed for running and kicking. The space ball in the upper body reduces the chance of players' body collision in the game. Although the space ball plays a good protective role, the collision between the ball and the ball is increased due to the space ball being too large. Due to the fixed hands, the players' balance is more difficult to master. When a player falls down, he will bounce back and forth on the ground, and his clumsy movements make the game interesting. In bubble football, goals are no longer important. It's fun to knock your opponent over.

 Conghua outdoor development

[course objectives]

1. Public participation, physical fitness
2. Let go of the traditional football playing method and experience the football fun that has never been before
3. Experience the feeling of overturning and gain the happiness of success (return to nature, experience nature)
4. Learn to listen, to cooperate and to be tolerant