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Live CS field base

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Product introduction

Real CS field operation

Human CS Field training is a group of people who like military and outdoor sports, through the simulation of human outdoor sports. It is a kind of game to simulate military combat training by using simulation game tactical launchers (water bomb, color bomb, BB bomb, laser and other equipment) wearing tactical equipment and various styles of military uniforms and protective equipment. It is also a popular wargame (real CS field training) in the world.

 Zhenren CS field base

Real CS field combat is a kind of exciting entertainment project which combines sports and games. The real CS field operation originated in 1998 and has a history of many years. It has been pursued by many people who like war games. The field operation of real CS has been applied to the fields of military enthusiasts, team building and entertainment, with more than 20 million players.

Live CS field game
The real CS field battle is also in the street
Real CS field game is a kind of game that imitates military operations. Real CS field players wear special uniforms and guns, and are equipped with various field equipment. The game shuttles through the jungle. CS team shows unique formation and personal skills. CS members play the role of a general or soldier. At present, the reality club is developing rapidly, Zhenren CS field base It has become one of the choices for modern people to travel in the wild.

The characteristics of real CS field operation
1. Through the CS field training, the individual psychological quality and survival ability can be improved, and self judgment and self transcendence can be learned.

2. Through the real CS training, students can experience the courage, strategy, faith and friendship inspired by the battlefield environment.
3. In addition to the real CS combat, the new starting point also has the explanation of relevant military tactics and strategies, as well as the use of equipment and practical training. The time can be planned according to the actual situation.
4. Through the real CS field operation: let students learn to face problems, analyze problems and solve problems, and learn how to overcome difficulties and surpass themselves. Enhance team spirit.

5、 Zhenren CS field base The game types include: limited time attack and defense, sudden attack war, simulated street war, blockhouse protection, VIP escort, big escape, flag capture war, penetrating into the enemy's rear, jungle war, plain war, ruins war and so on.
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