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To youth -- Recalling the good times of childhood

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To youth -- Recalling the good times of childhood

So Young
Youth gives us happiness, let us embrace life more warmly; youth gives us strength, let us pursue more persistently; youth gives us courage, let us accept challenges more fearlessly!

There are too many beautiful things in the memory of youth, childhood youth has been gradually away from us, and our time is also occupied by the pressure of work. Do you want to find a time to enjoy hip-hop? Do you want to experience the childhood memory again? This time, let's enjoy a good time together, and then start again with our partners!

Activity income

Comprehensively improve the staff's work enthusiasm and establish a good working attitude.

Further strengthen the integration of the company family and enhance the sense of belonging of the team.

Enhance the sense of honor of the team, cultivate the awareness of active communication, and understand the importance of mutual cooperation and cooperation.

Make the team form an atmosphere of communication and cooperation, establish the sense of responsibility of team members, and lay a solid foundation for future work.

Opening interaction, through childhood

Childhood has become the pronoun of the next generation. Time takes not only our youth, but also the games we played together in those years. The theme group set up an opening game full of children's interest, wearing a red scarf, warming up with radio gymnastics, selecting the monitor, choosing the class name, and class song duel · · · · take you back to your childhood and find your innocence!

Childhood and youth, once gone, will never return. When we grow up, we are busy with our work and life, and may neglect our childhood feelings and original intention. The theme group building of {to youth} will let us take a break from the tense and high-pressure adult life for a while, review the happy time of childhood together, find the childlike interest and childlike innocence, let go of our dreams together, never forget the original heart, and forge ahead in the future!