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Guangzhou Outdoor kayak group construction

corporate name: New starting point business travel
Hotline: thirteen billion seven hundred and fifty-one million eight hundred and forty-three thousand and eighteen
Associate: Mr. Liao
contact number: thirteen billion seven hundred and fifty-one million eight hundred and forty-three thousand and eighteen
Q        Q: one billion one hundred and three million one hundred and fifty thousand six hundred and twelve
Address: No.1 lane, shengangnei street, Taiping Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou
Price: Price negotiation

Product introduction

Project background:

Guangzhou Outdoor development Kayak has appeared in ancient China. At that time, as a means of water transportation and fishing, kayak originated from a small boat made by Eskimos in Greenland. This kind of boat is made of whale skin and leather, and is padded with oars with blades at both ends. Hong Kong, Macao and other places call canoes canoes.

Canoeing is a sport that can give people a great sense of beauty and enjoyment. It has not only fierce confrontation and competition, but also the beauty of movement and rhythm when players play their skills.

Sunshine, air, water, a boat. This is the closest movement to nature.

Project idea:

From the perspective of experience: experience the unique water culture tour of kayak and learn rowing technology.

From the emotional level: to boat and water as a link, to shorten the distance between each other, strengthen the communication and exchange between the team members, and increase the friendship.

From the concept level: enhance the sense of identity and corporate belonging of corporate values, and expand mental and physical strength.

Project income:

1. Cultivate the team spirit and dedication spirit of the trainees.

Improve team cooperation spirit and the offer spirit.

2. Close to nature, enjoy nature and experience nature.

Draw  close to the nature,Enjoy the nature, realize  the nature

3. Tolerance of other people's mistakes, mutual trust, understanding and encouragement, calm thinking of the importance of team goals.

Forgive other people mistake, trust each other, understanding and encouragement,The calm ponder achieves the goal to the team。

4. Make full use of all available resources to make accurate judgments, improve team communication, collaboration and cohesion, and strengthen the achievement of goals.

Use all provided resources and make the accurate judgment.

Project content: Iron Man relay, help each other in the same boat, platoon arrangement, water football, boat driving and dragon dance;

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