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Guangzhou Outdoor League building baseball

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 The combination of competition and wisdom emphasizes personal wisdom and talent, and also stresses strategy and tactics.

Product introduction

Modern baseball originated from Britain and developed in the United States. In 1839, the United States held its first baseball game in history. In 1910, baseball officially became the "national ball" of the United States

 Guangzhou Outdoor League building

Characteristics of baseball

Baseball is a kind of ball game with strong collectivity and antagonism. It is known as "the combination of competition and wisdom". It is a collective sports project integrating wisdom and bravery, interest and cooperation. It combines dynamic with static, and the division of labor is clear. The team members not only emphasize personal intelligence and talent, but also pay attention to strategy and tactics, and cooperate with each other.

Guangzhou Outdoor League building Basic rules

It is a kind of group ball game, the legal number of players is less than 9, and its similar sport is softball. Baseball players are divided into attack and defense, using bats and gloves to play in a fan-shaped baseball field. In the game, the two teams take turns to attack and defend: when the offensive player successfully runs back to home base, he gets a point. The team with the highest score in nine games wins.

Unique charm

The big difference between baseball and other ball games is that although there are nine players in each team, there will never be a situation in which nine players compete against nine players. When a hitter stands on the court as an attacker, he is filled with a sense of heroism in the form of one on nine. Someone once quipped, "baseball is a symbol of difficult life. When the hitter comes on, he faces nine enemies. "And once the defender and his eight players play together, they put in a close group to deal with the offensive side. The catcher, who always squats behind the batter, is the strategic commander of nine people on the field. He knows himself and the enemy, can quickly make judgment and direct his teammates how to act. If the catcher does not play a role, the defense will be full of holes, which shows its importance in the game.

 Guangzhou Outdoor League building

The highlight of the game -- attack technique

It includes hitting, running and sliding, which are the main means of scoring. (1) Batting: there are two ways to hit the ball: swing with the stick and touch with the stick. The batter holds the bat in both hands, and adopts the corresponding hitting method according to the pitcher's throwing action and the route of the ball, and strives to hit the ball to the distance or gap that the defenders can't reach. (2) Base running: after the batter hits the ball, he immediately goes to the base and grabs the base position at the moment when the defender fails to receive the ball. (3) Base sliding: a base occupying action in which the runner's body slides against the ground. There are two types of base running movements, one is side falling and the other is diving.

The highlight of the game -- defensive skills

Pass, touch and block the ball. (1) Catch: facing home plate, usually with both hands. (2) Pass: the palm of the hand does not touch the ball. (3) Throwing: when the ball is released, it can throw curve ball, linear ball, variable speed ball, floating ball, sliding ball and falling ball through pressing, twisting and pulling actions of fingers and wrists. (4) Touchdown: a defender who touches a runner who is out of base with the ball. (5) Block: the defender holds the ball, touches the base before the runner enters or retreats to reach the base position, or passes the batter out.

The highlight of the game: tactical coordination

1. The order of attack batter's order is: 2. Attacker's sacrifice to make a teammate; 3. The fighting spirit of sliding on base at critical moment; 4. Psychological tactics of defensive pitcher; 5. Formation arrangement of defensive players; 6. The influence of morale of both players on the results.