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Guangzhou Youth League building activities summer water Carnival

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Guangzhou group building activities: summer water Carnival: cool summer

1 Group building activities in Guangzhou Background:

1. In summer, the weather is hot and there are few sports activities suitable for outdoor activities;

2. The heat is unbearable, many sports enthusiasts have little exercise time at home, or they can't leave the house;

3. Traditional basketball, football and other ball games have been difficult to arouse people's interest in entertainment;

Summer, the hot season of the year. Do your employees share the same passion for their work?
Water is the source of life. Can a little coolness make them more calm in their work?

2、 Theme:                                                                                                  

The same as outdoor sports activities, exercise to enhance the physical fitness;

Due to Water fun games The novelty of project creativity, entertainment contestants;

Improve the company's sense of team cooperation and team cohesion;

Build a communication platform for family members to enhance communication and understanding;

We can let family members know more about the company and support its development.

Project introduction:

1 This project is suitable for Team Challenge projects. Divide the team into two teams. Starting from a different starting point. Get over all the obstacles on the water. See which team

In the case of irregular rules, the completion time is fast. If one of the players falls into the water, it is a failure. This is a very exciting project. Pay attention to methods.

2. Water bamboo raft competition Divide the team into two groups. N groups. Each group will select the commander and leader. Each group will be about five to six people. The same row of bamboo. Each group starts from the starting point and wins the arrow placed at the end point back to its base camp.

3. Single wooden bridge on water: This project can be suitable for multiple people to participate in. First of all, start from the front and walk forward one by one. When you walk to the side of the house, you can walk on both sides. Go to the end of the house and continue to walk alone. So this project is a more exciting and fun project.

4. Water power rope: Reflect personal challenges. This project is also relatively safe. It's a hard project to fall into the water.

5. Tug of war in water

[equipment] Tug of war rope

[number of participants] 10 men, 10 women, 20 people / time * 1 track / round

How to play Each team draws lots in pairs for the preliminaries, and the winner draws lots for the semi-final, and the winner makes the final.

[precautions] Do as you can. Be careful of strain.

Guangzhou Youth League Construction Interesting water sports, more please consult!